David Austin Roses for Wedding

For many many years, roses has been considered the most pretigious symbol of romance. With their timeless elegance, varieties, colors and unforgettable scent and out of which, David Austin’s English Roses are possibly the most romantic of all.  I'm going to introduce to you the most popular breeds of David Austin Roses and their unique attractiveness to people all around the world. There is certainy no replacement for such high quality roses with a classical appearance!

What's the most tasteful of all is David Austin roses' special scent type. The famous breeds "Rosalind", "Miranda" has a fruity smell; "Cymbeline" and "Patience" has a myrrh scent; and "Juliet" - my personal favourite, has a tea rose scent. "Darcey", a raspberry red variety has a fruity tea scent... I really wish to have a taste of them as floral tea!

(Photo courtesy from David Austin Roses Limited offical web site. )

"Scepter'd Isle" - an outstanding example of English Rose scent with a soft pink color. 
A Creamy Variety - "Patience"; Patience (Auspastor) is a delightful buttermilk rose with ruffled petals, reminiscent of fine lace. 

Crown Princess Margareta - they are a little over medium size and a neat, shallow cut shape can be observed. The flower has a strong, fruity fragrance of the Tea Rose type.

The small blush-pink buds open slowly into beautiful, peony-like blooms. 

Juliet has the lightest fragrance of our cut roses. Despite this, it is always one of the most popular of our cut roses, due to its sophisticated colouring and spectacularly beautiful rosette form.

Darcey's sumptuous red blooms are a superb choice for romantic occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and Valentine's Day.

Nicole Kidman also carried a David Austin Rose bouquet when she got married.. How lovely is that! 
Photo from "Wedding & Event Management Services" blog

We offer bridal bouquet designs using David Austin Roses, depending on their availability in the season. Feel free to let us know in advance if you cherish such a special and beautiful rose which cannot be frequently seen!