The Flower Stylist - Frédéric Garrigues

Had pleasure meeting up one of my favourite florist in Paris - Frédéric Garrigues at the Marais. Frédéric proud himself as being a flower stylist who can express the natural beauty of plants and floral materials. He has a background in visual design which may be why he got so sensitive to the different shape of floral materaials. I would say the composition of all his creations are so unique and natural - bringing the exact feeling to his customers about what he wants to say with flowers.

This kind of free-style arrangement using weekly fresh materials available from the market is definitely lacking in Hong Kong. I think all the fun about floral arrangement is to use the freshest and most seasonal materials in each of my bouquets to customers. Some may be looking at the size of the arrangements - but I believe the delicacy and the complexity of it is what's afterall bringing the most emotional touch.