A Pastel Floral Decoration at The Poolhouse & Tiffin, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong

It was a very delightful experience to work with Michelle on her wedding. She is such a sweet and elegant lady who always put on a warm smile on her face, so looking forward to see her everytime. Getting to know her more personally, I have selected blooms that could represent her character - white peonies, lily of the valley, sweet peas and muscari, which are all dreamy lovely fine blooms.    

Going through the forest next to the Poolhouse at first sight: juicy pink & white blooms!

Stunning view at the back, purifies the hectic minds before all guests enter the Poolhouse

A floral garland made of white and green blooms
Beautiful bride with her fragranted bouquet of Peonies, Sweet Peas and Lily of the Valley. Is it just something that describes her!

At the Tiffin Entrance  
arrangements on all the cocktail and guest tables

a huge ruffled Cova wedding cake