Mind-blowing Floral Glass Cubes: Raf Simon’s Florist for The Jil Sander show: Mark Colle

Incredibly mind-blowing floral arrangements by Mark Colle at the Jil Sander Fashion Show. See below extract from blog: http://evikaratzaadores.com

What were the key ideas behind the arrangements?

The most important thing was that they were all different and reflect the collection; highlighting the romance, femininity and fragility of the designs. He also wanted them to be slightly abstract so that’s why we used the plexiglass cubes; it was the first time I’d used these. I only saw a few pieces from the collection but I saw all of the fabrics and colours that were going to be used.

Can you describe the six arrangements – did you have a favourite?

There was one that was very colourful, very bright; one that was very pale; another which had almost entirely red, unusual species of orchids; another that looked like morning dew, the kind one would see walking through a jungle. I didn’t really have a favourite. When we first started making them, there were ones that I preferred but when I saw them all together they worked perfectly as a group.

Photos Credits: from http://2threads.com

Herbal Garden Basket for APIVITA's Grand Opening at Time Square, Hong Kong

Another year of celebration! 

It is our pleasure to have created a signature herbal basket arrangement for APIVITA's new product launch, which was presented to the celebrity star William Chan-Wai-Ting this Thursday. 

Guess what!  the basket is full of the lovely Dahlia "Sylvia" directed from Holland, Eucalyptus Pods, Scabiosa and Peach Hypericum Berries, all natural ingredients! 

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And a Floral Inspired Sneak Peek of Vogue China Sep 2012

It is when Chinese crossover with the West. This coming feature of VOGUE September getting 6 top models from China & the west in a darker tone of a mysterious yet romantic mood, carried out by floral patterns and flowers. Telling about the strong charisma of independent women. Getting fully inspired in the new design of bouquet color mood of our upcoming floral works!