Mind-blowing Floral Glass Cubes: Raf Simon’s Florist for The Jil Sander show: Mark Colle

Incredibly mind-blowing floral arrangements by Mark Colle at the Jil Sander Fashion Show. See below extract from blog: http://evikaratzaadores.com

What were the key ideas behind the arrangements?

The most important thing was that they were all different and reflect the collection; highlighting the romance, femininity and fragility of the designs. He also wanted them to be slightly abstract so that’s why we used the plexiglass cubes; it was the first time I’d used these. I only saw a few pieces from the collection but I saw all of the fabrics and colours that were going to be used.

Can you describe the six arrangements – did you have a favourite?

There was one that was very colourful, very bright; one that was very pale; another which had almost entirely red, unusual species of orchids; another that looked like morning dew, the kind one would see walking through a jungle. I didn’t really have a favourite. When we first started making them, there were ones that I preferred but when I saw them all together they worked perfectly as a group.

Photos Credits: from http://2threads.com