J'adore Lily of the Valley!

Expressing full purity and elegance, Lily of the Valley has been one of the most popular bridal flowers ever since then. The French even celebrates "Le Jour du Muguet" where lily of the valley is blossoming everywhere on each year's May 1st. There are even stands outside the Paris Opera selling petite bundles of "Muguet" to the Parisians for the celebration of the day!

Parisians wear the Lily of the Valley corsages on the streets, or buying Lily of the Valley Plants as gifts to their beloved ones. How adorable is that! And of course, due to its popularity in Europe and the UK, LOTV has become one of the most popular flowers among brides in Hong Kong as well. Perfect as an ingredient to go with other white blooms, can we just scream - "J'adore le Muguet"?

We provide fresh lily of the valley for the use in bridal floral attires such as corsages, floral hair piece and the bridal bouquet. Contact us at +852 2881 1240 now for more ideas and ordering!

Japanese Sweet Peas and Lily of the Valley

A Pure Lily of the Valley Bouquet - so timeless!