Laure Vial du Chatenet's living space

It's been a while since we last posted about living spaces. I believe interior & spatial design would lead to a more uplifting & efficient lifestyle, so in the following weeks we will bring you to the home of different artists / designers and see how they work out their own spacial design at their living space.

Laure Vial du Chatenet's Parisian Home 

Laure Vial du Chatenet is the founder of her own interior design brand. She has transformed this 18th century apartment into something that fits her own taste and daily use. This interior involves a lot of bricks, wood, glasses and marbles. My favourite is definitely the kitchen where a lot of vintage glasswares, fabrics are featured in the compartment bringing some classical elegance to the interior. Absolutely love how the vintage & rustic elements collides with Nordic designer furniture.


Photos from e-magdeco